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Increase Your Income With AdPrize

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Increase Your Income With AdPrize

If I knew this when I started out with Neobux, I could have golden membership with much more referrals, $75 in cash and good mood of how I’m doing. If you are beginner on Neobux, this is your opportunity.

What Is AdPrize.

AdPrize was introduced before one year ago, on january 15 2012, to bring Neobux to new level. It was good step, because AdPrize offers real money to win for members, and also more views for advertisers. Members made AdPrize famous very quickly. In one week subforum for AdPrizes was added, and amount of prizes was increased. Main goal was just to replace click grid. Thanks you Fernando (CEO of Neobux) for creating AdPrize!

What can member get by clicking advertisment in black, gray, white, green, yellow colors

Easy Way To Make Money Online

How Much I Can Win?

I was curious about that, so I started to search for info how to win as much as possible. There are many prizes given daily: 12 golden membershis worth $1080, cash prizes worth $1300, and neoPoints prizes worth $195. It looks like easy to win, just need to offer time to win something.

But AdPrizes isn’t everything. Neobux offers special bonus called Hourly Draw (in AdPrizes). There are 120 prizes of $0.50 each hour offered for those, who clicked advertisements last hour. One credited advertisement is one ticket for Hourly Draw.

Win a Prize title in black, gray, green, yellow colors

Let’s Win a Prize

So if you click 5 advertisements between 8:00-8:59, you have 5 chances to win $0.50 between 9:00-9:59 by viewing AdPrizes. So allways wait with your AdPrizes to next hour.

But Really! How Much Can I win?

Ok, I will stop now with the ugly facts. We want to know worh of AdPrize clicking, yep? I found member Mitte with many adprizes. Mitte is clicking every advertisements and every AdPrize. The result is great boost in year 2012:

  • $75 dollars in cash!
  • 2 times golden membership!
  • 1440 neopoints!

All this prizes are worth $260! And with all clicks user need to make it is $10 more.

AdPrize $0.50

AdPrize $0.50

Strategy for $100+ in Year!

First you need to be member of Neobux. I need you to register on Neobux. If you are member of Neobux already, it is great!

  1. Log In to Neobux.
  2. View all advertismets you can click. Let’s say it is 8:45 pm.
  3. Wait until next hour to have Hourly Draw chances.
  4. View all AdPrizes offers you have. In our case between 9:00 pm to 9:59 pm.

Repeat this steps each day and don’t give up! I’m going to try this. It will take up to 30 minutes daily.

Just Few More Words …

When AdPrize was introduced there was 25,000 members active. And nowadays there are almost 45,000 active members every day. It’s almost twice more members, and no increase in AdPrizes. So we will see what will happen. But now Good Luck with AdPrizes and God Bless!


4 responses

  1. nice blog dude, keep going 😉

    • thank you 100-times for encouragement

      I feel really excited! I think I’m doing this for this short time, when someone write a comment. It’s like a drug IT’S AMAZING!!

      God bless you, and everything you are doing. God Luck!

      • I already won with the adprize 0.25, Amazing and unbelievable, mostly in the morning from 8am to 9 am. at first I won 10 neopoints credit, but on may 12, I won 0.25 cents credit. I am very happy with neobux

  2. I’m happy we are going so well. For two weeks I was clicking like crazy 😀 I’ve got $1 in cash … Yeaaaah! … and 150 NeoPoints … another Yeaaaaah! I will make post about it

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